Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mixed flock yarn and roving in a variety of colors and blends!

 Here is a picture of just some of the roving I currently have.  None of the mohair blends are included.  I lined these up to try to spin a skein of yarn that would be self striping.  These are most of the 100% and Shetland/Alpaca blends.  Not all of the various katmoget blends are present as some are very similar in color, so not enough variation to have more than one in this skein (and I am still hording the cashmere blend).  I have to tell you it was hard to tell sometimes which had Alpaca in it and which didn't, which speaks to the softness.  I am perfectly pleased with my roving but have a lot.  So if anyone would like to buy some let me know.  I have sold very little to date.  I think that is because I  am too attached to it.  So I am fully prepared to keep what I have and let this be my personal "stash"  and in turn offer most of my fleeces for sale this year so if you want to send fleece in for your own roving or process it yourself let me know what sheep or color and I will reserve it for you.  Lamb fleeces and Neville's not included in this offer.  Fleeces skirted at shearing but otherwise raw will be $8 a pound, Heavily skirted $10  a pound, skirted and monkey picked $12 a pound.  Roving prices are still between 2 and 4 an ounce depending on blend.  All will have shipping and (tax if you are in NY) added to the price.
 On my wheel.

Finished yarn. 

Now what should I make with it?    I wore it around my neck while I watched television to test for itch factor and I was very comfortable around my neck so it could be hat or scarf worthy!  Mill spun yarn still available in alpaca blends:  black, brown, grey, and white.  Sport or light worsted weight.  That is priced at $5 ounce.  I know that seems high but it was really expensive to have done since I was doing such small quantities.  Solution, buy raw fleece and do it yourself and the yarn I already have done will be added my "stash" as well.


  1. Very pretty!! I have never tried that before...a new yarn to spin this winter!!

  2. Thanks Marie and Christine! I am currently knitting some fingerless mitts with some yarn that is made with the dark brown and fawn kat, but right after I finish I think I will try a hat with the yarn above.