Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whistle and her new Bo: Watson

Meet Watson.  He is a Saanen buckling.  After inability to locate a buck to "rent" we had to break down and purchase one.  He has a fancy pedigree that means very little to me since goats are not my thing and we just want to breed enough to have milk in our fridge.  However I guess his good lines will help when it comes time to resell him or his kids and he is from a very health conscious farm which is always a plus.  He is stinky but isn't he cute?  Whistle is undecided yet.
I think her tune will change in a few days when she comes in season.  He certainly tall enough, a pretty big boy for being 6 months old.  Whistle is not a small goat!  So we should have Saanen kids this spring.  Let me know if you need a goat kid!

Other news:  back up plans in place.  Neville's ewes don't seen to be coming back in season so I assume he settled them.  Olympia is to join his group for back up.  Zeus has a few of his girls back just in case he missed them earlier but again no one is interested so I think they are settled.  Hester and Opal will be joining him.  The ewe lambs will not be backed up, if they are not bred so be it, so they are back with the non breeding group.  The other rams are in groups of two and seem to have settled their dominance issues for the time being.


  1. Glad to hear things have settled down in the sheep department. I have fond memories of the two Saanen does I've had over the years; can't imagine having a buck on the place, though!

  2. Yep, not so sure either. We will see how it goes.