Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mapleton Farm - Shetland sheep sales

I still have many beautiful Shetland adult ewes for sale, several ram lambs, and one ewe lamb.  My foundation stock includes 16 ewes.  I really would like to cut back but only having 16 of the very favorites, and only 3 ewe lambs this year,  it is very difficult, heart wrenching actually.  Each was selected to stay for their specific contribution to my flock.  I do need and want to cut back my numbers, but with that being said, an explanation might be needed to clarify that my sales list is somewhat fluid.  For example, almost everyone is for sale, but I would like to keep a variety myself for a small handspinners flock.  So I have three black ewes, two are for sale so I can keep one.  In that case it is easy, one is older so I will keep her.  However, when I have two younger equally nice ewes in the same color and pattern, I might be willing to part with either or but not both. In a starter flock, it is also important that I have an opportunity to share why a particular grouping may work better than another.  One sheep might be smaller or younger or more timid and not do well in a particular mixed group.  Another pairing or group might work better because none are too pushy or too timid. The flighty ones, they are the tricky ones, some come around and others never do.  Luckily I don't have any really flighty ones at the moment.

Now on routine procedures:   Folks are more than welcome to come and pick out their sheep in person.  Actually, I much prefer that because then you know exactly what you are getting and you pick what will best fit your needs.  Selection from photos is difficult. The thing that is more difficult is that out of state sales require a CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection) on the specific sheep that are crossing NY state lines.   So, I have bought and sold sheep sight unseen.  Most of the time I have been very lucky and it has worked wonderfully.  If you are out of state and want to come look one day, maybe I can prearrange for the vet to meet us here to do that certificate but I would need a deposit to cover the vet call.  Another solution would be to plan a two day trip, there are some wonderful B&B's as well as hotels around here, as we are in the heart of Finger Lakes wine country.   If I have any specific sheep I am to hold for a buyer, a deposit is required.  That is non negotiable and pretty standard practice.  I will still buy and sell out of state when the situation is necessary to do so.  There is an inherent risk both parties assume in doing so.  Personally, I am glad I accepted that risk, because it has allowed me to purchase some beautiful sheep from MO, NH, MA, OH, and PA.   Lastly, I am happy to exchange emails and send photos, but at some point I need to have a phone conversation with you to discuss details.  That is also non negotiable, this is not a huge commercial farm but a small family venture.  I will consider selling bred ewes this fall as well.  Serious inquires only, good homes a must.

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