Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deal of the Day

You don't want a ram of your own?  I am willing to sell 3 bred ewes for $1,000 dollars bred to the handsome ram lamb above.  He is a F2 Drum Jings, and a F3 Heights Orion. You just have to select the ewes, and make a deposit before Halloween.  That is when I begin to put my breeding groups together.  I don't want to breed too many Shetlands this year for myself, so please let me know if you have interest.  I will bred few to my Cheviot for crossbred lambs, since they have been in high demand. All of this year's are sold or spoken for.  Want to buy this ram lamb?  No problem, he is available to go to his new flock by Thanksgiving.  He is available to go before if purchased with flock starter package. There is also a moorit and another very handsome black and white ram for sale as well. Today...rams $250 each.  Second deal of the day, flock starter package 6 adult  ewes $1,200.

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