Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Update

9 Shetlands bred to Cheviot ram for meat cross May lambs.
I never did put the Shetland breeding group together, so 4 Shetland ewes and 3 ewe lambs are still open.
1 very nice quality Shetland ram for sale.  He has a double dose of UK with Heights Orion on one side and Drum Jings the other.  Could be sold with any of the adult ewes as a starter flock.  The other two Shetland ram lambs I plan to grow out for the freezer.

I really, really, really am  getting ready to move the majority of my remaining flock on.  Being a shepherd is just not fitting in with everything else in my life at the moment.  My parents are elderly and my kids are tween and teens, and I am transitioning from being a stay at home mom and farmer who works part time to returning to work more full time.  So please call if you have any interest in any of my Shetland flock now or after the cross lambs are weaned this summer.  Almost everyone is for sale, including the three ewe lambs I was having a hard time parting with.  Willing to sell with or without registeration papers, prices vary accordingly.  My email is my first and last name at gmail.  It is disheartening a little to put together the perfectly balanced flock, colors, patterns, UK genetics, the best temperaments, the most beautiful fleeces, to reach so many of my goals for my flock,  and then to be a point I can't continue.  I have invested a lot of time and money.  I really hope there are some great homes out there that will be able to benefit from all the effort.  A few of the older girls can stay to be weed eaters.  Serious inquires only.

Kara Mapstone

photo:  Spring 2015 


  1. I am sorry you have reached this point, even though I understand. My son is 14 and difficult, we're homeschooling plus I have a couple part-time jobs, and all five of our aging parents (three birth parents, two step-parents) are experiencing various difficulties – in three different states. I figure this, too, shall pass, though, and am hanging onto my flock while I keep riding my horse for MY mental health.

  2. Thanks for your support Michelle. I wish i could hold out a little longer but I really need to make some changes for my mental health. The daily care of the farm falls on me primarily and I really need to lighten my load a bit. Not having much luck at the moment but hoping a great home or 2 or 3 will come along. These are my favorite ewes and really want them to go somewhere they will be appreciated.