Sunday, June 16, 2013

The plan

Hi all,

So here is the goal or plan if you will:  I would like to sell all rams.  Someone better come get them quick so I don't lose my resolve.  There are some very handsome rams out there.  I am afraid I might not have enough will power to not put together a breeding group, if any are left come fall.  So  the ewe plan, I would like to keep somewhere between 12-15 for my own pet/hand-spinner/foundation flock.  That being said I would like to keep a variety and I might be flexible on some availability.  For instance, I have a few adult ewes I could keep the adult or the lamb but not both.  So please inquire.  I have had some inquires about Pearl so I will post some photos of her today, and some of her lambs past and present.  I am keeping her adult and yearling daughters Opal and Topaz, and she had ram lambs this year, so no swap available with Pearl.   All sheep/lambs in photos with Pearl except when noted in caption, are her lambs from various years.  So with out further a do, some photos for you:


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