Saturday, June 15, 2013


All rams are for sale.  If not all are gone by fall, I may breed just a select few ewes and would be comfortable using any of the rams.  All have really beautiful fleece, nice horns, and laid back personalities.  Here a few photos of the yearling boys I took today.  I will try to get more photos of the ram lambs tomorrow.  Notice how nice their fleece is coming in as their "bad hair cuts" are growing out.  All very consistent all the way to their tails.  All these ram are either 50% (F1) or 25% (F2) UK bloodlines.  A variety of colors and patterns to choose from, all should carry moorit and spots.  The grey flecked may not carry moorit but likely does as both his parents were Bb, and the black ram may not carry spots, but he is true black with no sign of iset.

Okay so they liked getting their pictures taken as well as the camera shy lambs did!

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