Monday, June 17, 2013

Minwawe Marshmello

Did you know that Marshmello is the most viewed on my blog?  Also I know her name is spelled wrong, but that is the way she came.  I am really struggling about my decision on her...her daughter is awesome but exactly like her, a mini me if I ever saw one.  So in my reduced flock would keeping both be a duplication?  She is such an outstanding producer and seriously about the best mom possible, maybe she should continue to do so for someone else?  Would I regret letting her go?  Can I refrain from letting her have lambs every year?   I think I could let her go, but only if she goes with her friend Pearl.  They came together from MO fleeing from cougar attacks, I feel that maybe they should stay together.  So if the person considering Pearl would like to consider Marshmello, I will try to wrap my head around the idea and let you know if I can bring myself to do it.  Otherwise she will stay here with her ewe lamb.  I think every ewe that stays should be allowed to have a friend or a daughter for companionship.  My family units run strong here.  Marshmello's yearling son is for sale.  Here are a few photos of her and her lambs past and present.  Sort of a fun activity regardless.




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