Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Windy Winter Weather

 We lost two very big old trees last week after a windy winter night.  One 50ish foot pine, broke off 15 feet up and fell and split a neighboring maple in two.  I will miss these two trees.  Seems odd to be sad over trees, as it could have been much worse but when they are so old and huge, it makes it especially sad for some reason.  I worry about the 60 foot cotton wood in the back 40 or the giant horse chestnut trees in the front pastures. The years that went into becoming that big.  Just glad I didn't take a dash out to the barn to check on everyone out there, like I considered doing that night.  They fell on my path to the barn.  I often stopped under those trees to check on the ram lambs and often threw their hay to them there on my way back to the house.

 Also glad the ram lambs escaped injury!
"What happen here?  We did not do that!" say the boys.
It is time to wrap up my last year's registrations, which means I have to finalize what I am naming everyone and decide on their colors and markings.  Then it will be time to get ready for the new lambing season. Hatchery and seed catalogs are coming in.  It will be maple syrup season before we know it!  Hope everyone is doing well.  If you are looking for lambs this spring, I have all the adult ewes bred to Swiftriver Neville AI:  gullies, kats, spotties, Ag, and solids!  A little something for everyone!  Yearling rams will be available as well.  I plan on selling a few adult ewes again this year to allow me to keep a few lambs.  Give me a shout if you see anything you are paticularly interested in.

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  1. Seeing trees felled by nature or man makes me sad as well. So much time it takes them to grow; so many different benefits to our environment - losing them SHOULD feel like a loss! So glad nothing else was harmed, though.