Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Photo with words!

Okay, there we go.  Happy New Year!  Sorry it has been so long.  It has been grey and drab lately, not great for photos, my camera was giving me problems, and life has been really busy.  Holidays, everything got done, with one cards this year.  I usually take pictures for our holiday card the first snow cover, which typically takes place first week in December.  Well a whole month later and as you can see still no snow.  We have had flakes here and there but nothing that stayed very long.  This day pictured was 45 degrees and sunny, usually around here is about 15 degrees in January.  Not that I am complaining.  As long as there is no snow, I am glad it is mild.  The worst is when it is cold and no snow.  I am of the mind that as long as it is cold, we might as well have some snow.  I am thinking it might be the calm before the storm and we will get more snow in a shorter time frame and I will be sorry I even mentioned snow!  In the meantime, the critters seem to be enjoying it.   I let the goats and sheep out for a little exercise and a little browsing time.

Watson found a wonderful new home to help them with their plans to have a small herd of Sannens for some family milkers.  Whistle and her doeling are doing well.  Debating on her name.  Song or Snap to go with Whistle?

Olympia and Dessie
My sheep numbers are 27...21 ewes and 6 ram lambs.  Last year I was at 20 ewes and 5 rams, so just plus two for winter, not too bad considering we had 30 lambs last spring.  Two of the ram lambs will leave after shearing.  One is spoken for, the other will be sent to market so are numbers will be even then.  Neville, Cotton Candy, and Sprinkles went to their new flock.  I miss them, but am looking forward to Neville's lambs and grand lambs from those two ewes.  Currently, I have the right number to move without a herding dog.  The past two days, I have let them out while I do chores and by the time I finish and give them fresh water and their hay, they are all back in their paddock with me and all I have to do is shut the gate.  Cotton Candy and Sprinkles while beautiful and wonderful in many ways, had a tendency to run off with all the lambs!
Cookies and Cream (Hester's and Champ's daughter)
Sprinkles' coming two year old daughter Cupcake is a carbon copy of her mom anyhow.
They were very good girls, not nibbling on my fruit trees!

The mild weather is messing with the the lambs a little, some are beginning to roo already.
Olympia's daughter Autumn
Really?  I let you out for 10 minutes and you have found some of the only remaining burdocks?  Double click on the photo and you will see what I am talking about.  Seriously, they had to work to find them!

I also kept Sprinkles' sisters Peep, Fluff and their mom Marshmello pictured above, and fawn kat daughter Cappy pictured below.

Opal and her daughter Jewel are also beginning to roo.
Finn and the new laying chicks are all growing up too!

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