Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6th and 48 degrees?!!!

 The boys were enjoying the sunshine.  You all know what happened the last time I mentioned the weather....two trees came down in a wild winter storm, so I really should bite my tongue.

 The girls got let out of their winter paddock for a while again today to stretch their legs and have a little grazing/browsing time.
 The three girls on the left are expecting their first lambs this spring: Silvermist a Zeus and Hester daughter, Cupcake a Minwawe Sprinkles and Minwawe Bahama daughter, and Can Too Sky.  All bred to Neville.  I am SO excited about these three in particular!

 Here you can see the clean up progress of the downed trees.  And below you can see how huge they were by comparing them to their neighboring trees still standing.  One thing about living in house built in 1850.  Almost all the trees, besides the ones we have planted are very mature trees.

 This mild winter has me a little concerned.  Maple syrup season may not happen at all.  I don't know if it has gotten cold enough for long enough for the sap to run and run clear.  My lilac below is starting to bud 2-3 months early!
 The sheep continue to roo.  Especially the Champ daughters.  My bulbs are beginning to sprout.  I saw a honey bee the other day.
 (Above you have three generations:  Minwawe Pearl, and Mapleton Opal and Jewel.)
It certainly has made it an easy winter, chore wise, but I worry about the impact on spring and summer.  I know mentioning it will bring snow.  I can't believe I am saying this but I sort of miss the snow.


  1. Very pretty sheep kara!!! :-) they have all developed quite nicely!! :-)