Monday, December 12, 2011

Da Boys!

 The five ram lambs above are to be wintered over for further evaluation.  If however you are in need of a ram, let me know!  I have an heir and obviously more than one spare!  And I have more Neville heirs on their way, the entire adult ewe flock was bred to Neville this fall. 


  1. Funny thing; when I first got into polled Shetlands I did think the boys looked funny without horns. Now I PREFER the "bald look." That first gully boy sure has a pretty head - and from what I can see his fleece looks yummy, too!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I agree. Maybe its the amount of wool on his poll that balances his head, but his lack of horns don't look odd to me. Good to hear from you. Any decisions on Russell? My horse us improving. I don't know if I told you but the chiropractor determined it was maybe unbalanced shoeing but also the saddle was pinching her middle spine because it was an a tree and she is wide behind. Many saddleseat saddles are built for Arabs and only recently been available in different widths, well more recently than my barnsby that is. So heat and ice for a while, belly lifts exercises, and working her in belly bands....her whole top line us improving. Then she will help me fit her for a new saddle. Two typos I can't go back and fix on this phone....both us should have been is.

  3. A lady is coming to look at Russell after next weekend; you can read all about that here:

    Glad to hear your horse is doing better. Saddle fit is SO important! Can you imagine being asked to carry someone piggy-back while wearing shoes that are too small or otherwise ill-fitting? I had to look long and hard to find a saddle that fit Russell correctly, and once I did, he was SO much happier. I don't look forward to going through that again if I get a new horse, but I will for the horse's sake.