Monday, October 31, 2011

Urge to Purge

I like the flock size of 20, I do.  I am currently at 30 to winter over.  That is too many over so I am still offering this lovely black F2 Heights Orion ewe lamb for sale.  I really like her so I would keep her if I sell her mom Mapleton Peanut  Brittle as a bred ewe.
I really love my pretty Minwawe Pearl as I have told you time and time again, but I would also consider sellling her as a bred ewe, as well as Mapleton Peep.  I have others with their genetics in my flock so I could spare any of these three.  Prices on bred ewes is $350 for one, $625 for two, or $900 for all three.  All are in with Swiftriver Neville.
 I have decided to sell all but 2 ram lambs if anyone is interested.  If the rest don't sell I will winter them over and sell them as yearlings or send them to the butcher as shearlings.  So you MUST speak up before shearing.  I might have the vet wether a few for potential fiber pets.
Last but not least, SOMEONE PLEASE buy my registered Saanen buck.  Really nice fellow from really good milking lines.  Leads nicely and is not aggressive at all.  He is stinky though!  I just REALLY don't particularly want goats!  Sorry to those of you who like goats, but I just don't so much and I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the animals here at the moment. I really need to simplify.   So available very reasonably to a good home only.  Whistle and her doeling will be my exceptions and will stay for the time being.

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