Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simplified Breeding Groups

 In the spirit of making life more simple around here, I decided to have ONE breeding group for sheep and give Neville ALL the adult ewes.  The group went together today.  It is my last chance at Neville lambs so I decided, why not.  I really like him.  He is sold and will leaving for his new home in a few weeks.  All lambs born here in 2012 will be F2 Heights Orion lambs. If people want or need unrelated rams for a starter flock, they can buy a yearling ram I winter over, there are 8 and 5 are not related to Neville (3 Zeus and 2 Champ).  I may let one of these boys be clean up ram after Neville leaves, most likely the half polled gully.
 So 15 adult ewes are in Neville's group, 2 are sold and will be going with him to his new home.  So I will have 13 bred ewes for spring lambs.  Still thinking about selling a few bred ewes yet this fall so inquire if you are interested.
 So the other "groups" are the non breeding ewe lambs and goat doeling.  Not mixing so well, they are terrified of her!
 They just kept moving as a group, away from her...
 There are 9 ewe lambs in this group.  I had wanted to be at 20 sheep in my flock, it looks like I am at 30.  Down from the 54 post lambing, but still a few more than I had planned.  I am going into winter +6.  Not too bad considering I had 30 lambs born here this spring.  Next year I will have to continue to make some difficult decisions.
The other two groups are the bachelor ram lambs, and the goat pair Watson and Whistle.  Still have some for sale so again please inquire.  Really would like to sell Watson at this point.  He is a nice buck but I really prefer the sheep...I will keep Whistle and her doeling as the token goats on the farm.  Priced to sell so speak up!   This will be the last year for goat kids for a while.  Life is just too busy for me to milk a goat twice a day on top of EVERYTHING else!  Maybe again someday, but for now I need let that idea go for a while.

Finn enjoyed helping "shuffle" sheep this afternoon, although I would not exactly call it help. 

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