Monday, October 3, 2011

Stand by your Ram

 After a goodnight sleep and some good advice, I went out to take photos and think about my flock with  my sheep.  One thing is for certain I stand by this ram, Swiftriver Neville.  He is a F1 Heights Orion.  His dam is Swiftriver Thistle (Cairn Farm Frosty X Maple Ridge Althea).  Fall two year old micron of 26.5 SD of 4.8 and CV of 18.2.  Despite being all that you see in his photos, he has a wonderful temperament and carries moorit and spots.  He will get most of the ewes I decide to breed this year.  The hard part will be deciding on which ewes that will be and that is yet to be determined.  He leaves for his new home end of November.  I will really miss him but I only use my rams for two seasons.  He, I think I could have kept forever.  I didn't want to winter over any mature rams this winter.  I am wintering over a few of his sons for futher evaluation to replace him.

 The new man ~ The half poll gulmoget will get my two possible poll carriers, Hester and Quechee. 

 That is all for the moment...more thoughts on the ewes later. "The End" says PEARL!

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  1. You can't get much better numbers from a micron test than Neville has, and such handsome "presence" besides! And he's gentle? You should CLONE HIM! I like what I see of the gully boy, too. You have an excellent eye for Shetland sheep, Kara. Keep up the good work!