Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sale Update

I have just a few more for sale for 2010. 

A Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb.  Great for a crossbreeding flock.  $150 
I have a few more Shetland rams available, lambs and yearlings.  The first pictured is a moorit and white yuglet flecket.  My personal favorite.  Great conformation.  (Mapleton Rip Tide X Mapleton Peep) $350 SOLD!

Moorit and White smirslet sokket. ( Minwawe Bahama X Minwawe Pearl)

This ram lamb is still not wethered yet but can be.   He is awesome in every way but...his tail is longer than I like.  Pearl's other twin.  He is available as a ram if you speak up soon, without papers or as a wether for $150 or $100 if purchased with a ram. Would be a great companion for his brother that has a perfect tail.  He will be a light moorit or fawn as an adult. 

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