Friday, May 28, 2010

New Roving!

A new shipment of roving arrived from the mill.  The off-white is musket/white Shetland (Marshmello and Peep) & Alpaca blend.  The one below it going clockwise is Katmoget 100% Shetland (Zeus and Carmel).  The fawn is gully/kat combo of Shetlands Olympia and Opal & fawn Alpaca.  The light grey is a little bit on the taupe side because it is Shetland Cotton Candy musket or fawn/Pearl grey/and rosegrey Alpaca.
Sample skein of the fawn Shetland/Alpaca blend.
I still have white, black, various shades of brown, and various shade of grey and katmoget roving in blends of Alpaca, Mohair, and 100% Shetland available.  I have yarn in black and brown Shetland/ Alpaca, White in Cheviot/Alpaca, and grey in Corriedale X /Alpaca.  I have raw fleece in white (Cheviot) and black and brown Shetland fleeces available.  Click on the labels to see pictures of these items.  If interested inquire on pricing.  Prices varies depending on color and blend, and fleece (lamb vs. adult).

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