Friday, April 9, 2010

More lamb pictures

High Bid Hester had twin lambs:  ewe katmoget NFS and ram black with a tiny bit of white on his head, indicating he may carry spots is for sale. He is big, extremely well built, wonderfully soft with lots of luster.  Please inquire if interested.  These lambs are by Mapleton Zeus.
Minwawe Marshmello and Minwawe Pearl's sets of twin ram lambs.  Most likely all these boys will be for sale.  Their sire is Bahama.

Minwawe Cha Cha's ram lamb below.  Very nice solid moorit.  For sale.
From left to right Mapleton Violet's morrit ram lamb, Pike Hill Olympia's moorit (fawn?) twins.  Ewe lamb in center and ram lamb darker on right.  These three are likely to be for sale.  I am trying not to keep too many this year and all three are closely related to others I have kept in the past.
Minwawe Sprinkles twin ewe lambs.  I will likely keep one of these ewe lambs...but how to choose between them is going to be almost impossible!
Still waiting on Mapleton Peep, bred to Mapleton Rip Tide.  Then lambing will be complete for 2010.  As of today the count is 10 ewe lambs and 10 ram lambs.   More updated pictures of the other lambs coming soon.

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