Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots more lambs!

Mapleton Violet's moorit ram lamb above.  Sire is Mapleton Zeus.
Minwawe Marshmello had twin ram lambs.  Both yuglet flecket, one brown based and one black based.
Minwawe Pearl also had twin ram lambs.  One or both may be Ag. 
Minwawe Cha Cha had twin lambs, one solid moorit ram and a moorit and white ewe lamb pictured above.  Below we have Minwawe Serendippity's twin lambs, also a ram and ewe.  Both spotted, the ewe is the black and white.  All lambs are by Minwawe Bahama if not otherwise specified.
Only two ewe left to lamb.  High Bid Hester bred to Mapleton Zeus and Mapleton Peep bred to Mapleton Rip Tide.

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