Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Ewe Lambs

Modified smirslet ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Pike Hill Olympia) SOLD!

Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb SOLD!

Corriedale/Finn/Dorset/Shetland ewe lamb SOLD!
Modified or Moorit krunet ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Twin Springs Cotton Candy)
Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb

The following ewe lambs are being retained for further evaluation and may remain in our flock:
Black and white ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Serendippity).  Sale pending on her she may be retained in her place.

Grey katmoget ewe lamb with muddy lips! (Mapleton Zeus and High Bid Hester)

Moorit and white & possibly fawn and white yuglet flecket twin ewe lambs - I am having a really hard time choosing between them (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Sprinkles) SOLD

Moorit and white HST ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Cha Cha)


  1. Hi Kara!
    My name is Isabelle Tower, i'm a shetland "breeder" out of Bolton MA. I'm also a avid 4-H member. I believe my friend Veronica Worthington may have talked to you about purchasing some lambs earlier this year. I'm not sure if she's still interested, but I still am :). I'm very interested in your "Grey katmoget ewe lamb" and "Moorit and white & possibly fawn and white yuglet flecket twin ewe lambs". Even if they're no longer available, I would love to learn more about your sheep and, possible lambs in the spring! My email is, if you find time to talk to a fellow shepherd.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    -Isabelle Tower
    Freddy's Farm
    Bolton, MA

  2. Hi Isabelle,

    Welcome! I will send you an email tomorrow, but I would be happy to talk with you. Those ewe lambs are not available at this time (one moorit is sold and we are keeping the other, the grey katmoget and the fawn) but I should have plenty of lambs to choose from this spring. We have 15 adult ewes in breeding groups so I am expecting somewhere between 20-30 lambs. We plan on keeping only 3 or 4 so the rest will be for sale. We may have a few adult ewes for sale to make room for lambs we keep but I am not sure which ones yet. I will keep you posted. Again I will email you tomorrow, thanks for stopping by and for your interest in my flock.