Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mapleton Rip Tide - reluctantly offered for sale

 If you are interested speak up soon or I might just change my mind!  $350 plus vet certificate if going out of state.  Setimental favorite so to an approved home only. SOLD!


  1. Hi Kara,

    He is wonderful!! If we hadn't traded ram lambs with another Shetland breeder in our area we would have to find a way for Rip Tide to come live in NC. His horns, coloring, and fleece length are what we would love to have.

    I also would love to bring Dessie to my house! I guess dreaming is all I can do for now!!


  2. Hi Christine,

    Thanks! Actually Dessie is his twin. :) I was going to keep him, but I can't look at my breeding groups and imagine a lamb that I wouldn't want to keep. I will keep a spotted ram lamb next year. Maybe we will have to arrange a trade ourselves one of these years. I think your sheep are beautiful.