Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Sales Update

Sold: 2 registered ewes, 4 registered rams, one wether, 6 unregistered and cross bred ewes.

For Sale: one wether and one ram lamb.

Next year: There will be at least 2 adult registered ewes for sale, possibly a yearling ram or two, and our entire lamb crop minus 2 or 3. I will only keep as many lambs as adults that will be offered for sale. So if you think you see something that peaked your interest this year, please keep us in mind for next year.

Currently For Sale:

Cheviot/Shetland wether $125

One registered Shetland ram lamb, could be wethered for a pet or handspinner's flock, price is negotiable as I really just want a good home for him. Ram - is being temporarily retained for further evaluation as a ram.  Is available without papers for $150.   Special pricing if you take both boys still available. I'd like them to go to homes, not freezers so that is why they are priced as they are. If you can provide a good home then make me an offer, all reasonable offers considered.(SOLD)

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