Saturday, July 6, 2013

Recent Sales

 I had a nice visit from Nadine and Glenn from Painted Knoll Farm in NH, and Bob and Sue from High Bid Farm here in NY yesterday.  They left with six sheep and lambs.  Bob and Sue selected the white ewe lamb below, who happens to be the grand-daughter of High Bid Kermit.  Nadine and Glenn selected ABA Lava, Mapleton Seneca, and the yuglet ewe lamb.  They also picked up two adult ewes for customers of theirs in NH.

It was the hardest to see my pretty Pearl and Cupcake go, but they should be at farms where they can continue to have lambs.  Since I am reducing my flock and taking some time off from Shetland breeding, it is really for the best.  I will miss them, but am so happy I found them outstanding homes.

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