Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ram/White Ewe Lamb Sale

 I have some really handsome RAMS for sale, all F2 Heights Orion or F2 Drum Jings.  I have seen rams with this much UK blood for prices as high as $600 dollars!  I really don't want to see these rams go in someone's freezer but I am not planning on wintering over any rams this year.  I thought I would NEVER, EVER, undercut other breeders but sorry folks, these boys are too nice to be dinner.  So, I am offering them for $250 a piece.  I am probably hurting nobody other than myself, as I am selling them short of what I have into them, but I really feel they are flock sire material and want out for a while to give myself a break, so please inquire if you are looking for a ram for fall.  Other breeders, I am sorry but we all have had these moments and everyone has or taken advantage when another fellow breeder has, so don't judge.  I also have some stunning white ewe lambs still available, $250 each.  Two wethers available for fiber or pet homes, $125 each.  Dog pictured, Finn, not for sale.

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