Sunday, May 12, 2013

Growing Lambs - For Sale

I will be working on my sales page shortly.  But here is a preview of some lambs that will be available after weaning. 

I used three sires for this ram crop, with horned genetics I used an  F1 Drum Jings and an F2 Heights Orion, and a half poll Gulmoget.  I have 6 ram lambs for sale, 5 yearling rams, most of the ewe lambs, and possibly a few adult ewes.  As always flock started packages are available.  Inquire if you are interested and I will work on my pages this week. Although there is a lot of white in this lamb crop, I expect most to carry spots and colors under their white.  Great opportunity to add UK genetics into your flock.  Many of my F2 Drum Jings are not closely related to my F2 Heights Orions, so I can put together nice breeding pairs as well.

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