Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camera Shy

 "Here she comes again with that camera thingamajig....don't look directly at it.'
 "I don't know, just don't!  Go on turn your backs on her...no one look at her!"

"I just  looked at the camera and...
 ...oh boy it just made a noise, I am out of here!"
"Us too!"
 "Okay just walk quietly away and she will get tired of trying to take our picture."
If that is what the lambs were thinking, they were right.  I gave up.  I really have some nice looking lambs again this year.  Watch them grow and let me know if you see anything you would like to add to your flock.

1 comment:

  1. Think my Shetlands are related to your Shetlands, LOL, I have the same problem, just when I think I have a great shot the delay from pushing the button til lens clicks leaves me with usually the backside of someone.

    Nice variety of colors.