Monday, March 4, 2013

Bachelor Rams - For Sale

 Soon to be Yearling Rams for SALE!  I have the two yearlings that were used on ewes last fall pictured in the previous post and are expecting their lambs in April, as well as these handsome rams that had to sit out last breeding season.  All three of the rams in today's photos are F2 Heights Orions.  They are by Swiftriver Neville.  Their half brother was featured in the last NASSA News, winning Champion Shetland ram, runner up for Supreme Champion, and Best Fleece the Eastern States Exposition in MA last fall.

A solid black ram that carries moorit out of Mapleton Peanut Brittle
(High Bid Kermit X Twin Springs Cotton Candy)
A yuglet flecket grey ram out of Minwawe Marshmello
 A fawn katmoget out of Mapleton Opal (High Bid Kermit X Minwawe Pearl)
All have a very calm disposition, not too skittish, not too friendly.  There are three yearling black wethers and one fawn katomget wether out there too, so ram companions available.  Buy a ram and get a free wether.  Rams are for sale at $350 each or $500 for a pair.   Currently in full fleece, but shearer will be coming sometime this month.  Flock starter packages available.  Adult ewes and ewe lambs available this summer.  Keep an eye at arriving lambs here on the blog, pictures will be added as they arrive.  Lambing should begin in April.  What I like about selling yearling rams?  As yearlings you have a sense of their personalities, how they have matured in terms of conformation and fleece, and best of all what their horns will be like as adults.  All of the yearling rams are solidly built, have great horns and very nice fleece.  Heights Orion gave his grand-rams that nice crimp and softness I was looking for, but I was able to retain the longish staple length I prefer.  IMHO a great combination.  Neville gave his boys his great horn genetics.  Neville is Maple Ridge on one side/UK on the other...again a great combination in my opinion.  Here is a photo of dad in case you forgot what he looks like:

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