Saturday, September 1, 2012

The horses are asking for your help...

Hey you out there...

 Yes, you!  See these little woolies behind me?
 Here have a closer look:

 Well here is the deal.  Our owner spends way too much time with the sheep.  Today she had wanted to take us out for a spin, and what did she have to do instead?   Move electro-net for the ewes...don't even get us started on them! We are sick of it.  My back is feeling better.  Her knee is doing okay right now.  The bugs are not as bad as they were.  It is time to get riding and we, the horses want you to help us free up some of her time.  We say all rams are for sale!  She says only some of them.  We are bigger so I think we should win.  It is the last year of lambs for a while so she tells us...there are a few rams she wants to use this fall for breeding groups.  The handsome new  F1 Drum Jings white ram is a must.  The morrit and white I think is a well.  All others really are for sale and can leave any time as far as we are concerned.  All rams can leave November 21st. 
 Tess is serious!  She is feeling left out.
Things do have to give a little more. The garden was a complete failure this year.  It was dry hot and nothing was growing, we are on a well and were having well trouble so I didn't water it.  Then rained for days straight, when it finally stopped the weeds had bolted and we lost control.  I gave up.  I didn't order chickens, we didn't get piglets.  So this is it, the last breeding season for a while I think...
I only have two adult ewes I would be willing to part with as bred ewes or in a package with a ram this fall.  Marshmello above, is not one of them, but may be available this spring.  I plan to keep about dozen for a fiber flock and pasture management but her lambs are too nice for her to be a pasture pet.  I want one more lambing from her and then she can have awesome lambs for someone else.  Did you know she is the most viewed ewe in my flock according to me blog stats. I have four wethers for sale.  Peanut, moorit, and Pearl, grey, are the ewes that I could let go since each have a daughter I am keeping.  I also have a Saanen goat wether kid and yearling doe for sale.  Whistle will not be bred this fall.  I will keep Whistle and this year's doeling for now as our token goats.
I just need a break for while as the rest of life seems to be getting increasingly demanding right now.  It was a great experience.  I just have been so busy, I haven't even spun or knit in a really long time.  I have my entire clip from this year is untouched to date.  I am willing to sell it cheap if you are interested, as is, unskirted and not washed.  Cover the shearing charge and shipping and you can have as much as you would like, available in a variety of colors.  Inquire for more information and pricing.

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