Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now and Later

                        The ram above is sold, the ram below is available later, end of November.
The ram below is for sale.  He is a big boy and I am afraid of putting the ram lambs in with him.  So I really need to have him sold by weaning time.

 Also available now:
Adult ewes

 Yearling ewes:
 Ram lambs:

 Yearling ewe (I will keep one or the other (shown previously) of Champ's daughters, don't need both).

 Ewe lambs:

I decided I can't afford to be sentimental.  So that is why a few more ewe lambs are shown here for sale.  The only ewe lambs not for sale are Silvermist's grey kat and Pearl's grey flecket.  I wanted a soft grey lamb from Neville to keep and those two are the ones I narrowed it down to.  I do love my moorits from Neville but my yearling from him is my absolute favorite so to keep another is just a duplicate.  I am really trying not to keep any duplicates.  I am sworn in July 2nd and I have a feeling that I will be very stretched for time as result.  So, I will offer a post election sale on mulitple purchases of adult sheep that will be picked up by July 1st.  Inquire for more details.

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