Monday, May 7, 2012


How cute is this ram lamb below?  Moorit F2 Heights Orion ram, is sale pending, and ewe lamb is staying here for the time being.
 Okay this moorit ewe lamb is also staying, I am having a very difficult time choosing between them.  Her black ewe lamb sister is lovely though and carries moorit and spots for anyone looking for an F2 black ewe. Love their fuzzy cheeks and polls.
 So with the moorit ram lamb, the yearling katmoget is also going to a fellow NY Shetland Breeder.  How could I let them both go?  Well this ram lamb below makes it possible.
 He is staying in their place.
 I am keeping the yearling gulmoget through the Fall as I need him to use on my F2 yearling ewe.  However as of November 21st he is available to join a new flock.  This gully below will take the yearling's place.
 His brother below is offered for sale.  Mom is modified.
 How about this cute ewe lamb below?  I know that is a lot of black sheep...but seriously she is very cute and is sister to the moorit ram sold above.
 Then we have the grey lambs:
 Pearl's is staying here but Pearl is for sale
 Marshmello's ram lambs are for sale.

Peep's ewe lamb is staying, Peep is sold.
 Back to moorit and black.  I am keeping the moorit spottie of Sky's but the black twin will carry moorit and spots.  Hey I used a solid black ram on my whole flock, you will be surprised what you can get.

Here are two more black rams...Hester's and Peanut's I think.

  Hester's will be wethered as Hester is my only BB, inceasing the chance her ram lamb is as well.  He would make a lovely fiber pet though.  Every other black lamb has between a 50% to100% chance they are Bb which means they can have moorit lambs.

 Going with Peep are these two ewe lambs:
 Okay the day this gentleman came to visit it was a crazy day.  Lambing was still underway, I was exhausted, and I didn't know that I would get 5 ram lambs out of my last 6 lambs.  Marshmello was running off with all the lambs when I was trying to turn the flock out.  At that momet EVERYONE was for sale!  Good thing he caught me at a weak moment because these two lambs of Cupcake's are lovely.  I am keeping Cupcake though she can give me more like them another year.  The plan was only to keep ewe lambs that are replacing their mothers in my flock this year.

Another photo of Pearl's daughter, she loves me much to Pearl's dismay!
So as yearling rams go only two more available at this time.  Speak up soon!

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