Monday, March 26, 2012

Right on Schedule...Lambing begins at Mapleton Farm

The first day for lambs, according to my lambing chart since breeding groups were put together October 30th, was yesterday, March 25th.  One cue, Mapleton Hope had beautiful twin EWE lambs!  F2 Heights Orion girls, as all this year's lambs will be.  One moorit (maybe dark brown) and the other black.  Here are their first photos:

 Hope is a really good mama.  She was not one I thought would lamb first.  I had turned the ewes out for a while and about an hour later I looked out in their direction and saw that little krunet in the grass.  It was cool so I was afraid they would be chilled so I scooped them up and Hope followed us into the barn where I juged the new family while she finished cleaning them up.  She got them up and nursing so I left them to get the other ewes in the barn.  While there are many others that looked more ready to go and WAY bigger, no one else has lambed yet.  I will keep you posted... 

I had wanted to show a post shearing picture of a few of the boys:

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  1. congrats kara!! they are soo cute!!! ive had lots of lambs too! check them out on my blog!